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Smt. Vasundhara Raje
Hon'ble Chief Minister
Sh. Rajendra Rathore
Hon'ble Cabinet Minister
(RD & PR)

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From provider to facilitator ABOUT RAJEEVIKA

RGAVP is an autonomous society established in October2010 by the Government of Rajasthan under the administrative control of Department of Rural Development. Registered under Society Registration Act, 1956 it is mandated to implement all rural livelihoods programs associated with SHG based institutional architecture in the state.

The Society aims at creating financially sustainable and effective institutional platforms of the rural poor, enabling them to increase household income through sustainable livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial and selected public services and to build their capacities to deal with the rapidly changing external socio-economic and political world. Its approach is to support the development of livelihood opportunities for the rural poor, especially women and marginalized groups, through community institutions.

To enhance economic opportunities and empowerment of the rural poor with focus on women and marginalized groups of rajasthan


Promot community institutions like Women’s SHGs, VOs, federations, and producer organizations

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Projects At A Glance

NRLP: World Bank and Govt of India (GOI)- funded National Rural Livelihood Project; 9 blocks; implementation from April 2013
RRLP: World Bank-funded, Rajasthan Rural Livelihood Project; 59 blocks; implementation from June 2011
NRLM: GOI-funded National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM); in remaining blocks in phased manner; implementation from April 2013
MPoWeR: IFAD-Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT)-funded Mitigating Poverty in Western Rajasthan; 7 blocks of Western Rajasthan; implementation from December 2008

Progress So Far

Cumulative Progress on KPIs

Rajasthan Map
Rajasthan Map
Rajasthan Map
Rajasthan Map
Rajasthan Map
Rajasthan Map
  • 147
    Total Block Entered
  • 10545
    Total Villages Entered
  • 85299
    Total SHGs
  • 1008956
    Total Households Covered
  • 5276 (Rs in Lakhs)
    Total SHG Savings
  • 71140
    Total SHGs With SB Account
  • 64660
    Total SHGs Received RF
  • 47384
    Total SHGs Received CIF
  • 27268
    Total SHGs Credit Linked
  • 1012
    SHGs With Interest Subvention
  • 5908
    Total VOs
  • 44855
    Total VO Members
  • 3430
    Total VOs Received VO Fund
  • 3126
    Total VOs Received VRF
  • 73964
    Total Community Cadre
  • 15001
    Total Youth Trained
  • 211
    Total CLFs
  • 2993
    Total CLF Members
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